Practice Benefits

Because it’s more than a practice.

For most of us, we are caregivers first and practice owners second. That’s just how we are wired. Physical therapy, athletic training or chiropractic medicine is our calling, and we take great pride in helping patients heal. We understand because it’s our calling too. That’s why we are so excited to introduce a new technology-based regimen that has not only led to breakthrough results in our practice but can also fortify and grow your own. So you can help more patients.

It starts (and ends) with breakthrough results.

Time and again, we hear from practices who have implemented the NeuFit® system that their patients are experiencing tangible results after their first experience with the Neubie® device--as well as significantly faster and stronger outcomes over the course of patient care. Rehabilitation from injury or surgery. Fitness and performance. Pain elimination. Nothing makes us happier.

Your practice deserves to be noticed.

Breakthrough patient outcomes in the course of a patient’s recovery treatments and fitness sessions brings more patients to your practice as enthusiastic word-of-mouth and caregiver referrals increase. Strengthen the loyalty to your practice by helping your patients achieve their rehabilitation and fitness goals sooner through care that is demonstrably different and better. Stand out from the rest when you offer the NeuFit® method.

FREE Report for  Doctors and Therapists
FREE Report for Doctors and Therapists

This white paper describes the NEUBIE technology and how you can use it to help your patients and clients.

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Get a boost from our community too.

When you start working with your Neubie device that is really just the beginning. You become part of a community of practitioners who are integrating the Neufit® method into their practice. Our growing provider community shares, learns and celebrates with one another. Caregiving shouldn’t be an island and together we’re building bridges between successful practices.

Take charge of your practice.

Our communities need you now more than ever. Expand the services you offer with the Neubie device. Then build your practice by standing out for stand-out care that is focused on the body's ability to heal. Established practices can leverage the application of this neuroscience-based technology to grow and scale as you empower your staff to work more independently.

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