The Power of Neuroplasticity
for Rehabilitation

Thank you for attending our presentation! The nervous system is the most powerful and transformative tool we have to help people heal from trauma and reach their highest level of performance. During our presentation you learned:

  • The basic concepts of Functional Neurology
  • The foundations of Neuroplasticity
  • How to apply these concepts in rehab
  • Approaches to create neuroplastic changes 
  • Concepts of using the novel approach of Direct Current Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation for neuro rehab

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Ramoa von Leden


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Laura Davis


Who's Using The NeuFit® System &
Neubie® Device?

The NeuFit® Method

When our study of neuroplasticity, our body’s innate ability to heal, led us to conceive, design and build a new electrical stimulation device, we wanted to create more than just a new tool. We saw an opportunity to develop a teachable care pathway around the Neubie®device that supports safe, consistent and optimal use of electrical stimulation. This is the NeuFit® Method. We teach it to our own staff and created a full education and certification program for other caregivers seeking to add the Neubie device to their practice.


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