Reduce Pain and Recover Faster

You have the power within you to restore, rebuild and recover

Heal faster, better and more completely

Our focus is to help enhance the natural processes our bodies use to recover and heal whether it’s from an injury or surgery. Since it is our nervous system that controls every muscle movement, that is where we began when we started exploring new ways to improve the efficiency, quality and speed of rehabilitation. Welcome to the NeuFit® Method featuring the patented Neubie® electrical stimulation device. Harnessing the power of our nervous system to improve outcomes.

Remove what delays recovery

How you respond to the original trauma your body suffered determines how quickly you recover from an injury or surgery. Recovery time is often so long because the brain and nervous system send signals to guard and protect the site of the trauma. Blood flow can be impeded, reducing the body’s ability to rebuild. Signals from the brain to prevent movement can make that area of the body more vulnerable. With the NeuFit® Method, your caregiver can identify exactly where those neurological barriers are located and then break through them with the FDA-cleared Neubie® device. Putting you on a faster road to recovery.

Reverse chronic pain

Pain is neurologically based. We actually experience pain in our brain, not our body. And when our brain perceives a threat, it sends out a signal that we recognize as pain. Sometimes that pain lingers long after an injury is healed or has been surgically repaired. Like the acute pain caused by an injury or in the aftermath of a surgery, the root of chronic pain can be safely targeted and stimulated with neuromuscular re-education using electrical signals.

Welcome to the NeuFit® Method

We can’t wait to share more about how the NeuFit® Method of neuromuscular re-education works. If a movement dysfunction is causing you pain, keeping you injured or limiting your mobility, the NeuFit® Method may be able to help you.