Improve Fitness & Performance

Push through plateaus of fitness and performance with neuroscience and technology.

Electrify your training

College and professional athletes together with fitness enthusiasts are embracing the opportunity to supercharge their training using the NeuFit® method.

Let’s start with the neuroscience

It’s possible to activate increased strength just by tapping into the abilities that lay dormant in our body. In response to experiences, our brain and nervous system adapt and change to form new patterns and set new limits to protect us. But sometimes these limits are set too conservatively. Changing these patterns of connections is called neuroplasticity and it’s a fast-growing field of study. Our nervous system is hugely important to muscle function, movement and pain. Think of it as the control system of our body.

By tapping into the power of our nervous system we can safely target areas of pain or movement limitation with electrical stimulation. We can more quickly restore and increase muscle function and movement to rebuild strength and more efficiently recover from fitness, fatigue or injury.

Tech for our bodies

The Neufit® Method starts with precisely mapping our bodies to pinpoint areas for performance improvement based on the underlying nervous system issues that are causing pain or delaying recovery. We then apply direct current electrical stimulation using the patented and FDA-cleared Neubie® device to address targeted areas of inflammation, joint pain, or wherever pain is limiting movement and strength. Once those areas are cleared, we can then use the Neubie device to re-educate the system for increased muscle fiber recruitment, amplifying the benefits of exercise. This neuromuscular re-education can be safely integrated into a training or fitness regimen to restore, achieve and sustain peak performance.

Free Report for Fitness Enthusiasts
Free Report for Fitness Enthusiasts

The easiest way to improve your fitness results is to address these 5 problems that sabotage progress and keep you stuck. This short report tells you how to do it!

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